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Safety Hammer

Doug Bayne is known for his exploits in animation, acting and writing. He has been made famous through his work on ABC television, namely Fly TV, Double the Fist and recently with The Chaser’s War on Everything and triple j tv. Skilled at animation, motion graphics and cheap, dirty visual effects. He created an infamous set of films for the Australian Sketch Show “The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting” A homage to Terry Gilliam – they are brilliantly assembled and thanks to Doug fine art speaks to us in a language we all understand. Doug’s other efforts include Barnacle Bill’s Semi Factual Nautical Tales: part animation and part live action, part factual and part hysterical.

Wildebeest - Barnacle Bills Semi-Factual Nautical Tales

The Christmas Special - Barnacle Bills Semi-Factual

The Elegant Gentlemans Guide to Knife Fighting

An open letter to Canon on Vimeo