Creating award winning comedy for brands, agencies and broadcast.

Robin Schmidt

I'm a very experienced director working across factual TV, feature films, comedy and commercials. in 2015 I was Series Director on the Indestructibles, a 12x30mins action sports stunt show for Dave and my debut feature film Afterdeath was released through Icon. I'm very much a director but these days that job means you have to shoot well, edit well and be a decent art director too. All skills I've picked up over the years working in all the different sectors I've been fortunate enough to be a part of.

I've won international best picture awards this year and been supported by Creative England and I've won awards for work in documentaries narrative fiction and music videos. I was also the winner of the inaugural Bahamas 14 Islands Film Challenge in 2010, picking up a cheque for £14k and a year's contract to shoot for Canon.

Over the years, working variously as a producer, director, editor, animator and everything in between, I’ve been photographed by Rankin, had two hit youtube series, directed a feature film, won a major film competition, directed big multi-cam television shoots and shot a volcano from a helicopter. So, kind of versatile.

As of 2012 I’ve been heavily focussed on fiction work, writing and directing with a view to pursuing those permanently as a career. In 2014 I co-directed Afterdeath, a low budget horror written by Andrew Ellard and followed it up with a 40 minute martial arts love story, Dog which has begun to do great business at festivals. I’ve had a highly diverse production career working variously as a director, editor, graphics artist, vo artist, edit producer, blogger, cameraman and producer for brands such as Alfa Romeo, Mini, BBC Worldwide, Oakley, Red Bull, The Guardian, Mazda, Vice, Monocle, Paddy Power and Paramount Hotels. I jump between comedy and serious trying not to get too stuck on either.

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