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Jonas McQuiggin

"Jonas isn't of Nordic descent, but his story is almost as cool. He was sorta born to a pack of wolves in the wilderness of the Canadian Rockies ... hence why you'll find he's rarely cold and has perfectly formed K9s. The eight months of winter provided numerous opportunities to write some words on a page and roll some film. This led him to believe that submitting a music video for a sculpture project at Art College was at the very least a 'B-' idea (he actually got an A+).

The world seemed so much bigger then and he wanted more. This led him to chart a course south to the island country of Australia - a place where the sun shone just about every day, the locals sounded like pirates and the birds howled like monkeys. He continued to practice with a few more rolls of film before he managed to chew into his first piece of ad work.

Realising his howls were losing their pitch he once again charted a course for more - except this time they sound like the Queen and for some reason the sun hardly shines ... he secretly likes that.

He's recognised as an open-minded and imaginative collaborator who enjoys the entire production process - most importantly he has a lot of fun doing it. In the last few years, Jonas has amassed an array of off-beat work that highlights his intuitive eye for casting and his ability to inspire memorable comedic performances.

Anyway, it goes without saying that he has a penchant for perfectly-timed wisecracks and holds a plethora of awkward pop-culture references in-between his ears. He loves telling stories, especially downright funny ones, and all he wants to do in life is make people 'laugh-cry' more than they do currently.

P.S. Jonas is in the middle of writing a dark comedy TV series, only cooks with an apron on and has absolutely no relation to those talentless ass clowns known as the ‘Jonas Brothers’."

BOQ BOQ - 'Save to Win' Directors Cut - 'Car'

Climate Smart Climate Smart - 'Fan Boy'

Zip Car Zip Car - 'Gaslighting'

Diet Coke Diet Coke - Bring Back The Dickie

Doritos Doritos - 'NSFW' - 'Ladder'

Ford Ford - 'La Moustache'