Creating award winning comedy for brands, agencies and broadcast.

Erick Henson

A Los Angeles native Erick grew up in a film family and spent much of his childhood on feature and commercial sets, often working as an actor. After graduating from Boston University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Erick returned to the film industry this time as a practical effects engineer and prop fabricator. He then took a tour with the US Army as a broadcast journalist to Seoul, Korea and the jungles of Honduras and picked up Avid editing along the way. This led to a career as an online editor. But the desire to create the stories rather than grade them drew Erick to offline editing and finally to directing. Erick is now a two-time winner of the Los Angeles one day film festival Short Slosh and recently directed his first feature film, but finds he truly shines when working in the short format as evidenced by his commercial work.

Shiner Bock Oil

Dick's Sporting Goods Serious Sport

Oakley Pilot

Mountain Brook Trailer