When you need a laugh.

Not overthinking it since 2012.

Created by Perrier Award winning comedian James Rawlings, BAFTA nominated screenwriter Ben Bond and RTS nominated producer Ben Thompson, Hoot is a comedy production company that makes funny stuff for brands, agencies and broadcasters.

Rawlings, Bazeley, Thompson and Bond.


Hoot is firmly anchored in the world of comedy, screenwriting and TV production. Which explains the beautiful paradox behind Hoot’s success: the less they know about marketing and advertising, the better they become at it. We make work of all shapes and sizes from long form AFP to six second stings, not to mention print, outdoor and, erm, branded USB sticks. In the last two years we have worked with Paddy Power, giffgaff, Virgin Atlantic, Tesco, Dominos, P&G, Unilever, Emirates, Philips, KLM, Pizza Hut, Diageo, ASDA and Audible.


Hoot Entertainment is a new independent production company that makes scripted comedy and drama for television. Head of Broadcast, Bafta winning producer IONA SWEENEY, works with the best on and off-screen talent on a slate of strongly authored pieces, always with great writing at their heart. Our broadcast work includes commissions for BBC3, Channel 4, Sky, BBC1, ITV1, eONE and CBBC.